Fashion Week SS 2015: Look 2


Make Favorite

Products Used to Style



Shake well and mist Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer onto damp hair.


STEP 1: Isolate the crown section, going from the outer corner of one eye to the other, creating a "U" shape. Separate the bottom section in 4 smaller sections.

STEP 2: Spray Fashion Work 12 and backcomb each section.

STEP 3: Starting with the right section, roll the hair inwards and secure it with a bobby pin on each side. Repeat with the remaining sections.

STEP 4: Release the top section. Working in sections, spray Iron Silk 11 and curl the hair using a 1” curling iron. You should obtain 4-6 curls on each side of your head.

STEP 5: Using a wide tooth comb, delicately break the curls.

STEP 6: Working with Fashion Work 12 for hold, use bobby pins to tuck in the hair under the roll. Finish with Control Addict 28 for a look that will stay intact all night long!


The next day, mist Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender through hair and brush with a paddle brush.