Fashion Week SS 2015: Look 3

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Products Used to Style



Shake well and mist Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer onto damp hair.


STEP 1: Create a soft side part and isolate a section going from the high top of your head to behind your ears, on both sides.

STEP 2: Use a little Powder Grip 03 on the root area at the nape. Create two horizontal sections and backcomb each section to build a base to pin into.

STEP 3: At the crown, do a light backcombing for extra lift.

STEP 4: Create a pillow-y lift to your hair by criss-crossing bobby pins all the way across the back of your head, creating a bridge to pin your bobby pins into on next steps.

STEP 5: Divide your hair in 3 sections and using Fashion Work 12 for hold, roll up the right section and pin into place with a bobby pin on each side of the roll. Repeat this step on the left section, followed by the middle section.

TIP: Use the bridge of bobby pins you created earlier to secure the shape.

STEP 6: Moving to the front now, start rolling the right side back and pin as you go. Continue all the way to the end of the strand. 

STEP 7: Repeat step 6 on the left side.

TIP: When pinning, insert your bobby and direct it backwards, securing it inside the twist.

STEP 8: For a romantic look, curl a section of hair at the front and let it fall over your face. Polish the look by incorporating the tail of the twist with a bobby pin and by closing off the sides of the chignon with pins. Finish the look with Control Addict 28 and Fashion Waves 07 for a softer finish.


The next day, mist Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender through hair and brush with a paddle brush.