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Get The Look: Fishtail

Watch our step-by-step tutorial on how to get a fishtail braid with Redken Artist Corina.

Start by spraying your hair with Quick Tease 15 backcombing finishing spray. Take sections at top of your head, mist the spray where you want to create volume and clip out of the way. Pull your hair over to the side and secure with a hair tie. Take a thin section of hair and twist around the base of the ponytail. Start by dividing the hair from the ponytail into two pieces. Next, take your pointer finger, grab a quarter section of the hair from one of the divided pieces and release over. Continue this process, rotating between the two divided pieces while keeping tension on the braid all the way to the end of the ponytail. Secure with a hair tie. Unclip the remaining hair, tease and spray again.