Ariella Mendez

Meet the artists behind your favorite Redken looks. Get expert advice and hear why they love Redken, in their own words.Creating the future of the industry, Redken’s artist network are passionate individuals with specialized talents who travel the world sharing our education message to learn, earn and live better.
Ariella Mendez Headshot
1) Where are you from?
Hoboken, New Jersey

2) How long have you been a stylist or colorist?
14 years

3) How are you affiliated with Redken?
I am a Redken Certified Colorist, Design Certified, Specialist, & Redken Artist. 

4) What inspired you to become a stylist or colorist?
My dad, his sisters, & my grandma were all stylists. 

5) What would you consider to be your specialties? 
Balayage & Finishing.

6) What are your favorite style and color trends at the moment? 
Balayage & pastels on blondes. Strobbing. 

7) What Redken products can’t you live without? 
Pillow proof 2 day extender & extreme length sealer.

8) Do you have any hairstyling tips/tricks for client at-home styling? 
Always shampoo 2 times to cleanse the hair which allows you to then go longer between shampoos. Use dry shampoo before the hair even gets dirty.

9) Where do you find inspiration for coming up with new styles?
Teenagers & young kids just being who they are & wearing what they want to wear.

10) What has been a personal career highlight for you? 
Being a part of NYC Fashion Week for the past 8 yrs. Fashion's Night Out & styling hair for the Victoria Secret models was a dream come true.

11) What impact has Redken made on your career?
Its allowed me to share what I love, be inspired by others with the same passion, & earn a better living by using education to fuel my personal skills.

12) Do you have a favorite Redken moment and why? 
Being a part of the first class ever at the new Redken exchange !!! we got to travel around NYC searching for inspiration & learning from an industry icon-- Redken.

13) Do you have a favorite Redken class and why? 
Color & Know Why at the Redken Exchange. It’s the fundamentals & the ""why"" behind everything we do with haircolor. You can take this class as a beginner or an advanced colorist yet still walk away with new knowledge. It’s the best class any colorist can take over & over to stay grounded in how haircolor works & what we can do with it. Once we know & understand the why….anything is possible!

14) Do you have any tips for someone working a fashion show or photoshoot for the first time? 
Come prepared! You never know what you may need. Always have pockets or better yet a small bag that you can keep extra tools (brush, pins, comb, spray) on hand for last minute touch ups on set or before the models walk the runway. When working a shoot stay present & look from the prospective the photographer will be shooting. Great communication with your team is key.

15) What’s it like working backstage during a fashion show or behind the scenes at a photoshoot? What are some of your most memorable moments? 
The energy is fast paced yet exciting. Doesn’t matter how many times you do it, you still get that adrenaline rush. I love Miami Swim Week & NYC Bridal Fashion Week! The energy in Miami has a very different vibe. Models are gorgeous & can pull off anything. I remember working a show for Beach Bunny Swimwear that was on a 100 degrees & humid evening & the hair look was down & beachy waves. Somehow we pulled it off with lots of touch ups to keep the hair from getting frizzy in the humidity. It was A LOT of work running from the tents to the runway, but our team was amazing & we managed to put on a flawless show. I look back & watch the runway show & think of how it really took an army just to get each girl to look amazing. From hair to makeup to wardrobe to nails to choreographer to the designer, etc. It's unbelievable what a great team can come together to do.