The One Service Every Haircolor Addict Needs To Know About (Chromatics)

Multi-colored pastel highlights on silver hair

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Despite what you may think, being a haircolor chameleon doesn’t mean you have to live with dry, damaged hair. In fact, there is one hair bonding service that every color addict needs to know about if they’re looking to help maintain their hair health: pH-Bonder.

What Happens To Your Hair During A Professional Salon Service Using Bleach?

In order to color your strands, your stylist has to lighten your hair to deposit the haircolor. Each time hair is bleached, the bonds that support the hair strand can weaken.

Piece of hair held out with a hair brushWhy Does Hair Get Damaged?

If the hair isn’t protected during chemical services such as lightening, the strands can become brittle, dry, or even break off. While there are several ways to help restore the look of damaged hair, your stylist can also help you prevent this damage from occurring in the first place.

Golden strand of blonde hair How Do I Protect My Hair?

In order to protect your hair from this type of damage, you need to ensure that your hair is protected during any type of lightening service. This is where pH-Bonder comes into play.

pH-Bonder is a two-step system used in the salon that works to protect the integrity of the hair’s bonds during professional bleaching services.

So, What’s pH-Bonder Going To Do?

This solution ultimately works to help prevent hair breakage, while also helping to maintain hair’s strength, elasticity, and texture. pH-Bonder has the power to do all of this while protecting your hair’s delicate bonds.

What Are Hair Bonds?

Don’t know what hair bonds are? Basically, they’re tiny mechanisms that act as your hair’s internal support structure. They are the components that help to keep hair strong and intact. When pH-Bonder is used during your coloring service, it acts as a shield for these little guys to help ward off any potential damage.

Also, the product won’t increase your processing time, so you don’t even have to spend more time in the salon. How cool is that?

What Happens During The pH-Bonder Service?

During the service, your stylist will add the Bond Protecting Additive into the bleach and apply it to your strands as you normally would. After the bleach has processed, your stylist will take you to the shampoo bowl and apply the Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate. This pre-wash will help to restore the hair fiber and smooth the hair’s cuticle for improved strength, shine and softness after the technical service.

After the pre-wash soaks for 10 minutes, your stylist will rinse and style as normal. It’s that easy!

The best part? You don’t have to book an extra appointment in order to get the service. In fact, this simple two-step system is done in the salon during your typical appointment and can be directly added into the bleach. As the system is formulated to work synergistically to help keep the hair strong during technical services, pH-Bonder can be added directly without affecting the end result.

ph-Bonder Step #2 white bottle Can I Protect My Hair Bonds At-Home?

Not only is pH-Bonder an in-salon service, but there is also a Post-Service Perfector that helps to maintain the hair’s natural pH at home. This once-a-week treatment is designed to keep your hair bonds protected and balanced in-between appointments.

Redken pH-Bonder haircolor bonding system.So, What Else Do You Need To Know?

pH-Bonder is the bodyguard that your hair needs to help keep breakage at bay. As Redken Education Development Manager, Siddeeqah Raoof puts it, pH-Bonder is the agent that’s going to help to keep your hair in a safer place. “pH-Bonder acts as a buffering agent to help prevent damage from happening. So, that additive is going into the cuticle of the hair to help prevent that oxidative stress from occurring,” states Raoof. So, if damage is already prevented, there is less to fix later on.

As any color chameleon can tell you, dealing with damaged hair can be a nightmare. By using pH-Bonder, your stylist can help to ensure that your hair rests easy. Wondering how pH-Bonder can affect your hair? Chat with your local Redken stylist to learn more about bond-protecting service and how it can improve the strength of your hair.