About stephanie

Stephanie Russell has worn many hats in her career and identifies with the term multi-passionate entrepreneur. She believes wholeheartedly that EDUCATION=EMPOWERMENT and is always eager to share the knowledge she has gathered from her many roles such as platform artist, salon manager, coach, psychological safety facilitator, podcaster, entrepreneur and life-long student.

These days she has two primary focuses:
1) helping fellow service providers who resonate with perfectionism, overachieving, over-thinking and people-pleasing to build confidence, avoid burn-out and maintain joy because she knows that when these align, overall wealth, abundance and life satisfaction follow.
2) She also works with salons to build psychological safety so they can reduce fear and promote well-being for both their team and guests.

Stephanie values connection through education, and any program with her is energetic, informative and, most importantly, FUN! When not coaching, learning or facilitating, she gets dragged around St. John’s, Newfoundland, by her English Mastiff, Winston.