5 Curly Hair Myths That Are Not Even Remotely True

Take it from someone who wore her hair in ponytails to avoid styling her curls for most of her life: Knowing how to style curly hair is a challenge. Whether you’ve got super tight ringlets, loose waves or somewhere in between, there is a way to master your ideal curly hairstyle. Many curly-haired girls simply avoid their curls not because they’re afraid of them but because they simply misunderstand the curl itself.

International Redken Artist Adina Doss, says that understanding your curl comes from finding the right stylist and understanding how to layer your curly hair products. But with so many myths out there about how to handle your curl, where do you begin? First, set aside your flat iron and blowout habit with the goal of embracing your curls’ natural beauty. Then, take these tips from Doss to rewire your every thought about curls and get on the right track in learning to love them.

Myth 1: Don’t Brush Your Hair

Many curly girls fear brushing their hair because they think it’ll stretch out their natural curl or ruin it, but Doss says that’s a big mistake. “The curl is not going to go away,” she says. “But you do have to put in the right product after you brush your hair out.” Start with a paste like Mess Around 10, which is lightweight enough not to weigh your curls down and is a great primer to mold them into shape.

Myth 2: Don’t Shampoo Your Hair

There’s been a lot of talk about not shampooing your curls for fear it’ll strip them of their natural oils and then, seemingly, of their natural curliness. But you still need to wash your hair with something. Doss recommends loading up on two different kinds of cleansers: a high foam lightweight cleanser to use once every two weeks to get your hair super clean and a low foam moisturizing cleanser and conditioner in between to get your hair moisturized and feeling clean but not stripped of its essence.

Myth 3: Use One Hero Product

There is no curly hair product that’s going to perfect your hair in one go. Doss says it’s all about layering product and specifically layering them for your type of curl. Remember: not all curls are created equal so no one formula will work for everyone. Top your paste off with a hair serum that’ll help reduce frizz and keep your curls defined for up to three days.

Myth 4: Don’t Cut Your Hair Short

This is just a false rumor that should have been squashed in the early 2000s when Carrie Bradshaw debuted a Daisy Buchanan-esque curly bob. Alas, the rumor is still spreading. And sometimes it’s the stylist spreading the rumor, which is why you need someone who knows curls, shape and how to cut them to perfection. Doss says to seek out a stylist or salon that knows how to work with curls.

“Don’t be afraid to rock your curls,” Doss says. “I feel like too many people don’t know how to do their hair. I won’t blow dry my curly hair clients straight, it’s really important to embrace a guest’s natural texture.”

Myth 5: You Have To Wet Your Hair To Make It Look Good

You don’t need to jump in the shower every time you want to wake your curls up. But you do need to reinvigorate them with, you guessed it, more product. “Curly hair needs moisture, period.” Doss says. But instead of forcing yourself to choose between a shower and yet another ponytail, spritz on a curl reactivating spray to get your hair damp again and you’ll see the ringlets wake up in no time.

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