Catherine Allard - Redken


The Color Tribe Q&A:

1) What quote do you (try to) live by?
“Creativity is intelligence having fun” — Albert Einstein

2) What is the hottest hair trend right now?
I love the 70s; curtain bangs are so sexy and romantic!

3) If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?
Travelling is my other passion, so I think my next trip will be in Morocco, so I can do a quick stop in Essaouira to windsurf a bit and get inspired by the architecture.

4) How long have you been a stylist? Where do you work at?
I’ve been a hairstylist and obsessed by haircolor for over 18 years now. I’m working behind the chair and co-own the Odyssée Addikt Salon in Montréal. The rest of the time, I travel everywhere to teach in hair academies or private classes. That is one of the perks of being an international Redken artist!

5) What is your lifesaving hair product as a stylist, and why?
Velvet Gelatine 07: this product does magic. It gives volume, smoothness, shine, velvety texture, and it creates movement!

6) What is your favorite haircolor technique, and why?
Oh! That’s a difficult question! My favorite technique is definitely the one that allows my guest to leave the salon with a smile. My personal signature and favorite color technique consist of embracing perfectly the skin tone and morphology of my guest, on top of being trendy, of course! :)

7) Do you currently wear your natural hair color? If not, what color is it?
Actually, yes, which is very rare… Well, only a part of it is natural!! I have my natural regrowth blending with a beautiful Pink Grapefruit Granita color :)
Formula: 30 g Shades EQ Gloss Pastel Peach + 5 g Shades EQ 05RV + 25 g Shades EQ Crystal Clear.

8) What is the craziest haircolor you have ever done? What was it, and do you have a picture? 
I was really excited by the complexity of creating a color collection from the warmest to coolest tones, all that in a one-step color application, doing the same haircut but different color placement. My hard work was rewarded by being a finalist at the 2018 Contessa Master Colorist Award 😊.

9) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

10) How and why did you become a Redken artist?
I was working as an assistant in a big salon that used 7 different color brands. When I looked at the end result of the work created with Redken haircolor products, I realized how shinier and healthier the hair was. I then started using Redken more and more, and eventually asked to attend a Redken convention as an assistant backstage. After that event, the Education Regional Manager came to see me and asked me if I wanted to be part of the Redken education team 😊
She believed in me before I did!!

11) How can I get a color class from you?
There are many ways to do so: you can ask your Redken consultant to organize a custom class in your salon :) or you can go here and select a class with me! Yeah! You can also come to The Redken Exchange in NYC and take the Master Color Class!!

12) Where can I take an appointment with you?
You can call the Odyssée Addikt Salon at (514) 841-1000 or send me a message on Instagram or on Facebook at Catherine Allard Artist.

See Catherine talents in action here!



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