Thinning Hair Client Consultation Tips

Hair loss is a sensitive subject for clients so it’s important for you to provide information, the correct products, and the best haircut, color and style that will de-emphasize thinning hair. Use these three easy steps when consulting with thinning hair clients:


Here are a few ways to open the lines of communication with thinning clients:

Do you have any concerns with the thickness or condition of your hair and scalp?
How would you describe the abundance of your hair? Would you say it is sparse, average or thick?
Is it ok if I offer you suggestions for making your hair look fuller/increasing its volume?
May I recommend a complete system that will suit your needs for healthy hair and scalp?
If you are interested, we can tailor your cut and style for the best possible result.


Conduct a physical analysis of the hair and scalp, looking for the signs of thinning hair and advanced thinning hair. Determine the best Cerafill thinning hair solutions regimen to use – Defy or Retaliate and the best services to perform.


Speak with your client about the appropriate color, cut and style you recommend to maximize their look. Explain the benefits of Cerafill thinning hair solutions and how an at-home regimen can improve the appearance of their hair and help fight the signs of thinning.
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