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Managing the Front Desk

Managing the Front Desk

Kristi Valenzuela is the founder and owner of Crystal Focus Salon Coaching, which specializes in systems that help the front desk and technical teams work together. She helps salon professionals achieve higher retail sales and service tickets, increase client retention and understand the power of pre-booking. Kristi is also a co-owner of Summit Salon Business Systems, the largest salon consulting business in the world. Her in-demand programs (workshops, tele-seminars and webinars) focus on real-life salon solutions that are fun, easy and create immediate profit.


In today’s difficult economic environment, it’s important to uncover every area of hidden profit in the salon. One of the last places many salon owners look is the first place clients visit—the front desk. Qualified front desk sales professionals and a focused plan of action can help you generate thousands of dollars with the clients you already have. 


There are five main areas to focus on to build a strong front desk sales team:



It is important to be clear on your sales expectations from the front desk so you hire the right people. Be specific during the interview with sales-type questions.
The person should:
• Have prior sales experience
• Be determined to sell


Learning how to work the computer and answer the phone is important, but understanding the art of the sale will end the day with more money in the bank.
• Dedicate time each day to sales technique training
• Offer firsthand experience of services
• Conduct role play of offering services to clients, selling over the phone and closing a retail sale


Understanding the monthly sales expectations, tracking each individual’s efforts and the entire front desk team’s accomplishments is necessary to achieve the desired sales result.
• Tracking on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will create the most focused action
• Coach and mentor each front desk professional by setting up monthly one-on-one sessions


Knowing what to say and when to say it will seamlessly unite the efforts of customer service with front desk sales objectives.
• Million-dollar words produce million-dollar results
• Consistency is key to success: phone scripting, welcoming guests and offering services
• Customer service/sales terms:
o “Have you seen?”
o “Has anyone told you about?”
o “Just so you know…”
o “On special”
o “Customer appreciation sale”
o “Brand new”
o “All of our clients are loving it”


Being specific about how the front desk professional can offer additional services, introduce featured product specials or provide continued care recommendations will create instant profit for the salon.
Teach them how to:
• Recommend additional services. For example, offer Redken Chemistry during a confirmation or appointment phone call to compliment a haircolor or highlight service
• Boost retail sales by utilizing team synergy efforts. Make sure the stylist writes down the products used during the service, then suggest the client buys them 
• Feature product, mini sizes and liters are perfect products to enhance the client’s purchasing experience