Sleek Triple Twisted Ponytail

Sleek Triple Twisted Ponytail
  1. Mist Pillow proof blow dry express primer spray all-over damp hair.

  2. Start at the nape to blow-dry your hair. Section out from ear to ear and clip up the rest of your hair.

  3. Take your paddle brush, lay your hair flat on the bristles of the brush and follow the section with your blow-dryer in slow, controlled movements, downward. Be sure to start at your root and then complete drying the rest of the section. Keep the section flat all the way through. This will ensure smoothness. Repeat in small sections until you complete the entire bottom section.

  4. Take the top section out and continue the same technique, laying your hair flat against the bristles of your brush and keep the sections perpendicular to the ground to eliminate any volume. Repeat until the top section is fully dry.

  5. Apply a dime size amount of Rough Paste 12 Working Material from roots to ends. Create a middle part.

  6. For the front sections, gather 2” sections from either side of the head, starting on either side of your part at the hairline. With each finger holding a section, twist backward and away from the face meeting the two sections (pointer fingers) and ending at the middle of the crown, in the back. Now secure with an elastic.

  7. Starting at the back of the ear on either side, gather 2, 2” sections with each forefinger, twisting back (away from the face) and meeting the two sections ending at the back of the nape. Secure with an elastic.

  8. HOT TIP: Be sure the hair remaining from each pony you have created from both twisted sections is lying underneath your twists.

  9. Finally gather the remaining hair at the back of your neck and the hair from the previous ponytails, separating into two sections on either side of the head and twist backward a few times. Before securing, be sure to combine all loose pieces from all the ponies. Secure with an elastic.

  10. Finish with a mist of Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray .